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It might sound self-explanatory, but make sure you confirm the rent before you sign anything. Ask if you’re responsible for any other fees, like a security deposit, a pet deposit, or pet rent—if applicable.Confirm the date rent is due each month, and check how your landlord would prefer to get paid. Some prefer a written check, while others are fine with a cash-paying app or direct deposit.
Are they neat freaks, or do they clean once a year? How clean are you? It can be hard for super tidy people to cohabitate with messy people, and vice versa. Keep that in mind, and don’t be afraid to ask!
If you’re splitting everything with your roommate(s), get a general estimate for how much utilities will cost each month. It’s important to consider utilities when planning your housing budget.
Late fees are typically allowed in every state, but must be fair and within the state’s limits.Any landlord who says “just pay when you can” is not honoring their own lease agreement, and should be avoided.
If the landlord answers by saying “I only rent to single white females, no kids, high-paying job,” then clearly the landlord is discriminatory and you should expect him/her to be unfair in other aspects of the tenancy as well.